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Colege Tour

In the Dutch TV show College Tour, students aim their questions at high-profile guests. Students can attend the recording for free, provided that they register first. Registration was done by hand for a long time. Now College Tour uses bookingAPP’s software, developed by Colengo. Students can register easily and fast on College Tour’s website.

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NTR - college tour

College tour

In the Dutch TV show College Tour, a crowd of students aims questions at a prominent Dutch or foreign guest. NTR has been making the series since 2007 and it broadcasts on NPO3. Colengo automatizes the registration process with the bookingAPP.

Personal tickets

Students can attend a recording for free, as long as they register first. That happens through a registration form running on bookingAPP. Apart from the usual name and address, the student fills out information about his study and the questions he wants to ask the guest. After completion of the registration, the student receives an e-ticket, which will be scanned at the entrance.