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Metaalshopper is part of Gebr. Nijssen, a true family business. It has been passed down from generation to generation since it's inception in 1950. Read how oneCORE was able to help increase their online sales.

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A joke

In the past, people often stood at the counter to buy a single piece of tube or a plate. This took a lot of time. Started out as a joke, a webshop was created to offer these products online from leftover products. This is how Metaalshopper was started.

The concept turned out to be a success, the productrange was expanded with tubes, profiles and strips, but also interior products like bookends, wardrobe rails and banisters.

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The collaboration

The collaboration

Together with Metaalshopper, the requirements for selling configurable products were examined. It soon became clear that a combination of 2D and 3D configuration would offer the perfect solution, making them number one in the Netherlands.


In the meantime, Metaalshopper has experienced solid growth and they continue to expand their productrange.

Colengo continues to respond to their business needs and therefore continually releases new features and capabilities. We are looking forward to take Metaalshopper to an even higher level with oneCORE.

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