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Table du Sud

From backyard shed startup to multi-million-euro enterprise… Feel a part of the inspiring story of two brothers who bolstered the success of their e-commerce platform with oneCORE.

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The shed in the back

In January 2015 we fabricated our first home-made oak tables from a shed in the back garden, forty items were ordered through Marktplaats.

When we noticed that this was successful, we started making both online and production technical work and within an half year we both worked full time in our new company.

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The collaboration

The collaboration

In search of a well-built platform, we crossed paths with Colengo. Expressing our need to have a webshop which is able to support configurable products; Colengo subsequently managed to build us an e-commerce platform according to our wishes.

Progressive journey

Almost five years later, Table du Sud has exchanged the shed for a 5,000 square meter factory hall.

During these years Colengo responded to the needs of Table du Sud offering additional features and solutions. OneCORE has proven to be a comprehensive system which can follow the evolution of a company.

Showroom & factory


Teun Antonissen:
“We are constantly trying to get bigger and better. Colengo helps us with all our questions. It is difficult enough to run one company. Fortunately, Colengo does all our technical work. ”