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Admission tickets

Sell tickets for your event through our solid e-commerce platform, customised for your online social media, website or application. OneCORE is reliable, scalable for the future and fully integratable without the use of iframes.

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Endless ticket types

Create, compile and structure ticket types according to your needs. Add fees, set a limit or link discounts; oneCORE is equipped with unique features so you can create endless ticket types.

Your shop, your style

Create your seating structure fast and easy, make use of our tools to your convenience and expierence an effortless result. Everything by controls, no code required.

Your shop, your style

Implement color codes for different ticket types and customize your tickets to match your corporate identity.  

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At the door & on-site

At the door & on-site

Scan and sell tickets at the door and get real-time updates on attendance using any smart device through our oneCORE application.  

Advanced management tools

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The advanced management tools

Enhance your e-commerce store with our advanced management tools. Easily control your ticketshop and manage your events.

Recurring events

Event statistics

250+ betaalmethodes

Integrate any payment method.


24/7 Online


Assign your team permissions to access and maintain certain aspects of your shop.


We administer a simple and convenient monthly subscription fee for each required tenant. One tenant is one website running on oneCORE.

Monthly Annually
  • Standard package

    € 295.00

    All required to run a small or middle size ecommerce platform

    • Monthly

  • Standard package

    € 3,245.00

    All required to run a small or middle size ecommerce platform

    • Annually



We can help you customize your core for an additional fee. Contact us to find out the possibilities.