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Digital products

List and sell digital products through our efficient e-commerce platform. Reliable and scalable for the future, oneCORE provides the tools for your commercial success.

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Build for any digital market

No matter what type of digital product you want to sell, you can do it through oneCORE. From software subscription to game store gift cards, oneCORE brings everything together in an easy to use system.


Available for all platforms


All kinds of products

The world is your oyster

Use oneCORE to construct an international e-commerce platform. OneCORE’s features give you the possibility to target any destination of your choice.

  • Multi-Language

    OneCORE makes it possible to support multiple languages on your webshop.

  • Multi-currency

    Accommodate multiple currencies in your store.

  • Integrate with any payment provider

Manage your stock

All your stock is listed in your “digital stock” dashboard, manage the batches on each stock row, add descriptions or add a stock title that can be displayed on the front end of your shop.

Stacking stock

Stacking digital stock

Compose your own digital product with the stacking stock feature. Create product combinations or divide a gift card into multiple products that combine and match the gift card value.

Advanced management tools

Advanced management tools

Enhance your e-commerce store with our advanced management tools. Easily control your webshop and manage your products.

Cut product sheets

Digital stock


Build your catalog and manage your products and prices all from an easy-to-use administrative dashboard.

Tag collections

Automatic pricing


Assign your team the necessary permissions to access and maintain certain aspects of your shop.


OneCORE's order processing system applies your corporate identity to your webshop(s) orderflow. Your clients find themeselves in a secure environment for personal and payment information while purchasing your product.

Secure checkout

Your information is safe

Fraud and riks management


We administer a simple and convenient monthly subscription fee for each required tenant. One tenant is one website running on oneCORE.

Monthly Annually
  • Professional package

    € 895.00

    All required to run a large ecommerce platform

    • Monthly

  • Professional package

    € 9,845.00

    All required to run a large ecommerce platform

    • Annually



We can help you customize your core for an additional fee. Contact us to find out the possibilities.