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Table du Sud

Table du Sud designs and manufactures hand and tailor-made industrial tables. Table du Sud’s clients can compile their own table on a website developed by Colengo. After submitting the order, all tables are produced traditionally in Table du Sud’s modern workshop.

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Table du Sud

Table du Sud was founded by two brothers, Evert and Teun Antonissen. In 2014, they made a bar table in the garage of their own parents. It looked beautiful and they decided to offer it for sale online. Response was so overwhelming that soon they couldn’t handle the demand anymore. The brothers also noticed that clients had specific wishes and needs regarding size, material and frame.

The success urged the brothers to look for software to start their own web shop. Easier said than done: a table has a large amount of options. Colengo was able to help Evert and Teun. Our team built a website and developed a corporate identity for Table du Sud. The website is running on dealAPP, which enables the client to compose the entire table – everything ranging from the chassis to the choice of the table top. After compiling the table, the client pays through iDeal and Table du Sud does the rest.

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Fully compile your desired table!

Table du Sud clients can compile their table entirely through the website. They decide length, height or width, chose the type of wood and the finishing of the tabletop, as well as the style and finish of the frame. Table du Sud’s sales team can easily turn on or off options via the backend of the website, or even add a new configurable product. All finishes and options are provided with a constructive pricing structure.

Customizable table