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Colengo invents, designs and builds powerful online platforms for the e-tail industry.  We specialize in processing single transactions. Not only is our platform cloud-based, it’s also highly advanced, which allows our customers from a variety of industries to reliably process their orders. Colengo is:

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The internet never sleeps. Neither do we. Even after the last one to leave the office has turned off the lights, we’re still available in case something has to happen. Our people wear their ‘hardcore geek’ badge with pride and are the first to spot and eliminate bugs expertly.

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Colengo’s platform is fast and ever available. In this way our clients are always ‘open for business’. A sudden increase in traffic? No panic, the platform scales automatically.

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With over 20 servers available around the world, we have all the tools to spread content and facilitate transactions. A team of experts has built this infrastructure and manages it knowledgeably. Our servers are working at the service of 250 clients in 86 countries.

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1 Core

We’ve used the MVC method to build this platform, which means that there’s one central core. This guarantees us that we can maintain, update or add services hassle free and without consequences for the rest of the platform.

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Real time

Every business manager likes to keep the overview. Real time report are a necessity rather than a luxury. Our professional Microsoft Reporting Service offers insights in all aspects of the sales chain.

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Our REST Ison API ensures that each part in our platform that needs to be managed, is available as a unique URL. Depending on the sort of http request, a variety of actions can be executed on almost any manageable part of the app.

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Below are our four products on offer. Each of them is a series of modules, which can help you to process a transaction. The possibilities are limitless. Whether you’re selling a physical or a digital product, a ticket or a subscription, or you’re managing a reservation, there’s surely an app to suit your needs.


dealAPP is an e-commerce platform, including a complete stock, order and return system.


Selling vouchers, eBooks, software or other digital product online is easy as pie with the voucherAPP.


bookingAPP is the perfect tool to organize an event or to sell tickets through your website or Facebook page.


With subscriptionAPP you can easily create a landing page to manage subscription fees.


With subscriptionAPP you can easily create a landing page to manage subscription fees. Your client selects his favorite payment method for the first payment and can subsequently grant permission to process further payments automatically.

As soon as your client grants permission, you only have to tell us how much and when you want to cash. We’ll hand over the subscription to the payment provider.


dealAPP is an e-commerce platform, including a complete stock, order and return system. It’s also an excellent choice for selling complex, configurable products, or to support complex processes. Appearance and content are completely open.

International entrepreneurship is a walk in the park, thanks to the support for different languages and currencies and the possibility to shift VAT.


Selling vouchers, eBooks, software or other digital product online is easy as pie with the voucherAPP. This product aims at photographers, booksellers, music labels and entrepreneurs wanting to sell digital vouchers or products.

VoucherAPP allows you to offer paid downloads of files, perfect for all you digital codes, pdf’s and music, video, photo or application files.


Using bookingAPP, festival organizers and club or bar owners can sell tickets for their events on their own website or Facebook page.

Easy to integrate and perfect to control the whole process. From the sale of the ticket to the check at the door, bookingAPP can do it all.

For more information, check http://bookingapp.nl


Our clients are enjoying all kinds of benefits. You’re not a client, but also a partner. We give you the support you need to excel online. Here’s what some of our 250 clients have to say about us:


Alfons Vriens

Facility Manager - Internationale Taptoe België

BookingApp opened a world for us. That same world we now host at our events.


Yens Storm

General Manager - Qdistribu

The beauty of voucherAPP is that we no longer work for the system. The system works for us.


Sam Feldt


Thanks to bookingAPP, it’s easier to sell tickets to my shows, also outside of the Netherlands. A damn fine tool!


Teun Antonissen

Founder - Table du Sud

We constantly strive to become bigger and better. Luckily, Colengo helps us with all our questions. Running a business gets easier when you’ve got Colengo to do all the technical work.


Wouter Bollebakker

NTR - College tour

BookingAPP makes it easy for students to register for the College Tour recordings.

Our Work

Whatever we invent or advise, it will show in our work. Our client portfolio is fast expanding.
Here’s a selection of our work:

Deal banana

Mobile APP - Colengo BV

DealBanana is an online marketplace used by different sellers to trade their merchandise. Soon, an app will be launched.

Table du Sud

Website/Shop - Table du Sud

Table du Sud designs and manufactures hand and tailor-made industrial tables. Table du Sud’s clients can compile their own table on a website developed by Colengo.


Geplaceerde tickets - i-t-b

The International Taptoe Festival is the biggest of its kind in Belgium, with participants coming from different countries. Colengo takes care of the ticket sale.


Website/Shop - Colengo BV

The online market place Budgetlovers unites fashion lovers and seller. A complete assortment of trendy clothing and accessories without the long checkout queues: a dream for every shopaholic.


Website/Shop - Qdistribu

Cheapestgamecards is one of Qdistribu’s brands. On its website, Qdistribu sells a wide variety of game cards and gift vouchers. Available in six languages and seven countries, including the USA and the UK.


Website/Shop - Qdistribu

Livekaarten is one of Qdistribu’s brands. On the website, which is available in seven countries, Qdistribu sells a wide variety of card games and gift vouchers.


Website/Shop - Dealbanana

DealBanana is an online marketplace used by different sellers to trade their merchandise. DealBanana’s assortment, mostly gifts and gadgets, is available in nine countries.

College tour

Tickets op naam - NTR, College Tour

In Dutch TV show College Tour, students can aim their questions at high-profile guests. Colengo automatized the registration of the students.

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Together, we achieve more than by ourselves. Working at Colengo means taking responsibilities and realizing your ideas.  We don’t employ pedantic managers who have no idea what you’re doing. We breath IT. What are you waiting for? Just apply!

Leon's Avatar

Leon Marcelissen

Co-founder / director

To build a worldwide platform with a fantastic team, to grow stronger and think bigger, one step at the time – Colengo is a boy’s dream come true.
Tom's Avatar

Tom Ewalds

Lead multimedia vormgever

Colengo is the perfect release for my creativity. There’s nothing I enjoy more than to translate concept into gorgeous visual final products.
Luuk's Avatar

Luuk Bombeeck

Lead developer

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Maria's Avatar

Maria Kunze

Manager Business Development

Colengo is an innovative company where a close team thinks in solutions. Being a Manager Business Development, I focus on new markets, products and opportunities. This gives me the opportunity to show my German Gründlichkeit – thoroughness and solidness.
Ellis's Avatar

Ellis Meijboom


Whether I’m improving products, helping clients or looking for new trends, my job at Colengo allows me to express my creativity in many different ways. Every day is different and that’s what makes Colengo special.
Jasper's Avatar

Jasper Schrijver

Co-founder / director

Together with a team of hardcore geeks and creative people building an international platform. Awesome!

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