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Sales Dashboard

Keep track of your sales

Boost your sales with a stunning sales dashboard that shows you everything you need to know about your sales performance.


Sales dashboard, the visual tool that displays your most important sales data and insights

Make data-driven decisions and increase your sales efficiency and effectiveness. With this sales dashboard you can measure your sales results, compare your sales goals, and identify new sales opportunities. 

With the oneCORE sales dashboard, your sales is presented in a clear and accurate overview. This allows you to evaluate the impact of any marketing campaign on your sales performance. Have a look at how your sales have changed before and after a marketing action.
The Sales dashboard enables a practical function that lets you track and compare two time periods. Whether you would like to compare between days, weeks, months, quarters, or years. Effortlessly retrieve patterns, market trends, and insights. Learn from past actions and plan for future events based on your data.
Curious about a specific month's sales results compared to the rest of the year? Now our sales dashboard also provides you the opportunity to customize between different time periods. Easily track your progress and measure your success.
Stay on top of your market and identify your customers behaviour with real-time data on sales. React quickly and adapt to external events. With more precise and accurate feedback, you can motivate your team to step up their game.
Digital reporting
Save time and energy by reducing manual reporting. Having a real-time sales overview empowers you to focus more on your core sales activities and goals.