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oneCORE: (3D) E-commerce Platform to Revolutionize Your Manufacturing Business

Would you like to go beyond the limits of online shopping and become the frontrunner in your industry? Colengo has the ability to enhance the sales of ambitious manufacturing companies specializing in configurable products.

✔ E-commerce website

✔ 3D-product configurator

✔ Sales portal for dealers

Colengo builds for the made-to-order companies of the future:


Reasons why other manufacturing companies chose oneCORE

The oneCORE platform is specifically developed for manufacturing companies with complex configurable products. Our platform presents unique custom-made products online like never before.

Our platform offers exceptional satisfaction and convenience to dealers and customers, allowing them to configure products themselves and place orders directly through the sales portal and your website. This streamlined process saves time before finalizing purchases.

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    3d product configurator

    Consumers and sales partners can configure the product themselves with our friendly user interface. They have the option to view their personalized products virtually in real-time, either within their own living space or through our stunning 3D preview in the platform's setup environment.

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    Standardized price structures

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    Comprehensive e-commerce platform

    Building new landing pages, uploading media, writing blogs, and integrating your mailing system becomes effortless. Your team can easily and seamlessly manage your website on our platform along with SEO optimization.

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Customer stories

Since 2011, Colengo has been providing assistance and support to businesses while fulfilling their goals and aspirations. With pride, we convert their winning mentality towards success and their premium products into an e-commerce platform with excellent user experience.

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    Table du Sud





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    Sales portal

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    Van besouw

    Sales portal

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    Table du Sud FORME

    Sales portal


Increase the productivity of your team

Choosing oneCORE platform is the first step towards enhancing your online sales experience and providing your team with additional opportunities to streamline the e-commerce operation.



The Colengo team is here to support you at every stage to achieve your goals. With insights from oneCORE's sales dashboards and reporting tools, you can have a better view for enhancing your business growth.

3d Artists

3d Artists

oneCORE supports seamless integration with popular 3D modelling software like Maya, 3ds Max & Blender. With our user-friendly interface, effortlessly set up rules, upload scalable models, and manage asset files all in one place.



Experience the seamless ease of website development on oneCORE with the powerful combination of the Public API, Microsoft Power Automate integration, and Kubernetes environment.



Raise the bar on your advertising tactics. OneCORE makes it simple to create new landing pages, optimize existing ones with built-in SEO tools, and integrate with your email marketing service.

Looking to team up for success? We're prepared to offer a modern, fully-functional platform and impeccable service

Our goal is to make each of our customers the undisputed leader in their field. Thereafter, we will spare no effort in making your goals a reality.

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