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Elevate selling efficiency with oneCORE sales portal

Tired of taking orders by email or phone? Do you want to make the ordering process more efficient and less prone to errors? Streamline the process by allowing orders from your sales partners and dealers to be directly received in your own sales portal.

✔ Easier ordering process for dealers

✔ Less overhead costs


Partners place orders directly in the sales portal

Facilitate dealers, sales partners and resellers in selling your (complex) configurable products. They can configure your products in 3D and place an order directly via the sales portal, simplifying purchasing process.

✔ The price is provided to the customer in real-time.

✔ The dealer places an order directly in the portal.

✔ Supporting both Immediate and on-account payment

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Price management: fixed prices or per dealer

Do you want customers to pay the same price for your product, regardless of which seller they are in the showroom with? You can easily set that up.

Or do you want each dealer to be able to use their own pricing strategy? That is also possible in the flexible oneCORE sales portal.

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    Set prices in the sales portal

    The portal contains tools that assist you in smart, consistent, and dynamic pricing of products and variable product options.

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    Import prices from Excel

    If the sales partner uses a price book in Excel, they can import it as a CSV file into oneCORE sales portal.

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    Integration with an ERP system

    It is possible to connect an external ERP system such as Microsoft Dynamics to the oneCORE sales portal.


Facilitate showroom sales consultants: save up to 80% of time

Is the showroom of your dealers always busy? Then, consider installing a self-service kiosk where customers can independently customize their products using a 3D product configurator. This visual 3D representation will save salespeople a lot of time. With just one click, they can order the configured product for their customers.

✔ More efficient and shorter sales cycle

✔ Automated quotation process

✔ 3D product configurator

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Frequently asked questions about the oneCORE sales portal

How quickly do you develop a site with a sales portal and a 3D product configurator?


The average lead time for such a project is 3 months, which is remarkably fast considering the amount of work involved. However, we take pride in delivering proactive action and producing excellent results for you.

Can I also only purchase the sales portal with 3D configurator?


Of course! You can add the oneCORE sales portal as an extra (closed) website to use along with your existing site. You then give sales partners and sellers access to the sales portal so that they can immediately configure and order your configurable products.

Can I also integrate only the 3D configurator on my existing website?


Yes, you don't necessarily need a oneCORE sales portal for this, but you can also use the oneCORE product configurator

What is the biggest advantage of the oneCORE sales portal?


With this sales portal, you eliminate unnecessary e-mails and phone calls in which dealers place orders. This normally takes a lot of time and it is prone to errors. Do you give business partners access to the sales portal? Then they configure the product there and order it directly in the system. That is much more efficient and easier for all parties. Also the quotation process is automated and the order can be paid immediately or put on account.

Is your question not listed?


No question is too difficult for our project consultants. Let's schedule a call soon, and you'll get answers to all your questions about our 3D product configurator. Schedule a call.


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