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oneCORE 3D product configurator: boost the sales of configurable products

Do you sell complex configurable products that typically require a showroom or sales advisor? Then our 3D product configurator is a game-changer. Customers can now independently customize, visualize, and order your product online.

✔ Visual 3D representation

✔ Real time pricing

✔ Mobile-friendly


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Unique interface for your product

The 3D product configurator has a high-end appearance and user experience. You have a unique and customized experience at your fingertips, designed specifically for your product.

In just a few clicks, customers and (re)sellers can configure the product themselves. They can select dimensions, materials, and other product features and get a preview in 3D. They can even use AR/VR to see how the product looks in their own living space.

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AR/VR: How does the product look in my own home?

Provide customers with the ability to visualize how the configurated product looks in their own home. The AR/VR functionality offers customers a realistic representation, enabling them to purchase with confidence.

Colengo helps you take a step further than traditional showroom shopping and online shopping with the help of AR/VR. Leave your competitors behind and choose a next-level customer experience.




Real time pricing

In the oneCORE 3D product configurator, the price of the customized product is displayed instantly. While products are being configured, the new price is immediately provided in real-time. This real-time pricing is convenient and efficient.

✔ Import prices from Excel, your ERP system, or oneCORE.
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The 3D configurator is your sales assistant.

Increase online sales, facilitate showroom salespeople, and consequently increase revenue.

✔ Sell your complex configurable products online.

✔ Reduce overhead costs and the chance of errors by streamlining external orders by integrating them directly into your system, rather than via email or phone.

✔ Sell more efficiently in the showroom as customers can independently (pre)configure the product of their choice.


Who creates the 3D drawings?

Good question, because in a 3D configurator, 3D drawings are essential. You have two options to choose from:

Option 1: We create the 3D drawings

The Colengo team has extensive experience in 3D drawing. We'll take care of everything for you.
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Option 2: Upload your own 3D drawing into our system
You can create your own 3D drawings using software such as Maya, 3ds Max, or Blender, and directly upload them into oneCORE.
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Frequently asked questions about the 3D product configurator

Do you have another demo website with more 3D models?


Absolutely, on we have more examples available.

Can I use the 3D configurator on my existing website?


The 3D product configurator can also be used as a plugin on an existing website

Do you support scalable 3D product configuration?


Absolutely! We can scale a drawing per millimeter or any other unit as per your requirements.

I currently have a 3D product configurator from another provider. Can I reuse the 3D drawings?


Most of the time, this is possible (and it can save you a lot of time and costs). Please mention this to our project consultant during a non-committal introductory conversation. They can provide you with more information on this matter.

How can I be confident that your 3D product configurator is faster compared to my current slow one?


Performance is incredibly important to us. That's why we invest a significant amount of time in optimizing the 3D drawings. Furthermore, we can speed up the loading of textures by using our own advanced 3D hosting platform. As a result, our 3D product configurator is one of the fastest in the world!

Can you guarantee that your 3D configurator will generate more sales?


To clarify, a 3D configurator itself is not a guaranteed tool for instantly boosting sales. It is considered a tool and a key part of an e-commerce environment that enhances the customer experience. To achieve the best possible results, our project consultant will work with you to develop a customized sales strategy.

Is your question not listed?


No question is too difficult for our project consultants. Let's schedule a call soon, and you'll get answers to all your questions about our 3D product configurator. Schedule a call.


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