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Page component editor

From the moment your e-commerce website is delivered, it is ready to go. Do you want to make adjustments in the future?

Thanks to the page component editor it is easy to implement, edit, and employ your pages. Keeping your website up-to-date and aligned with SEO best practices is now a walk in the park.


What you can expect from this tool

Elevating Consistency, Simplifying Maintenance, and Streamlining Development in Ecommerce.

Consistent design
Our ecommerce platform supports a page component editor. This means that your pages are constructed from individual page components, which facilitates reusing your favourite components across multiple pages. With the integration of components, a consistent design across all your website pages is guaranteed, enhancing the overall user experience. Would you like to make your content specific per country you are selling to? No problem, the page component editor supports this function.
Simplified Maintenance
Maintaining and updating your ecommerce platform becomes more straightforward since changes only impact individual components. This minimizes the risk of unintended calamities on the page. Additionally, testing each component independently simplifies identifying and resolving bugs.
Streamlining development
With this accessible tool, development time is significantly reduced as there is no need to rewrite the code. Content writers can directly contribute from the admin side, enabling your code writers to focus on other developments.
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