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oneCORE e-commerce website for complex configurable products

Revolutionize the online shopping experience with our e-commerce website specifically designed for complex configurable products.

✔ 3D product configurator with AR/VR

✔ Real time pricing

✔ Custom design

✔ Connect with third parties


oneCORE is specially designed for ambitious manufacturing companies

Most e-commerce systems are not tailored for configurable products like yours. So why insist on fitting your product into such a system? Because it remains an impractical solution.

The oneCORE system is specifically designed for manufacturing companies. And with the use of our latest technologies, you'll amaze your website visitors.

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    Visualize complex products

    In the 3D product configurator, customers can create and visualize custom-made products themselves. They can even use AR/VR to see how it looks in their own living area.

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    Real time pricing

    With oneCORE, you can standardize complex product price structure (per piece, per m2/m3, etc.) and you can import the prices from your ERP system or Excel.

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    Unique web design

    Your e-commerce website will have an appearance that perfectly aligns with your company and product.


oneCORE 3D product configurator: where technology and sales meet.

Provide a next-level customer experience on your e-commerce site. Our unbeatable 3D configurator allows website visitors to customize your product and choose from all product options, tailoring them to their preference. You will also be able to amaze them with the 3D visualization and virtual reality display.

✔ Sleek 3D visualization


✔ Direct online ordering

✔ Real-time pricing

✔ Mobile-friendly

✔ Increased online sales


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Easily create new pages with the component-based page editor

Your e-commerce website is ready to go when we deliver it. Do you want to make adjustments in the future? You can easily do it yourself. The site is built using templates with separate components. You can copy and reuse these components on new pages.

✔ Easily create new web pages

✔ Ideal for (content) marketers


Connecting with third parties? Sure!

Do you work with various tools and systems? No worries! We understand that you want to integrate them with your new e-commerce website, so we'll take care of that.

oneCORE system supports a wide range of external integrations, such as Microsoft Dynamics, Drip, TrustPilot, ActiveCampaign, Microsoft Power Automate, and many more.

Do you want to make sure that we can integrate your systems with our e-commerce system? Our project consultant has the answer.


Web statistics

250+ payment methods

Marketing integration

Review system

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Frequently asked questions about the oneCORE e-commerce website

Can I also integrate only the 3D configurator on my existing website?


The 3D product configurator can also be used as a plugin on an existing website, but this is only possible in combination with a oneCORE sales portal.

How quickly do you develop a site with a sales portal and a 3D product configurator? 


The average lead time for such a project is 3 months, which is remarkably fast considering the amount of work involved. However, we take pride in delivering proactive action and producing exceptional results for you.

What does an e-commerce website cost on average?


The investment starts at approximately 25,000 euros, excluding license fees. For this, you will get a complete e-commerce website with 3D product configuration and integrations with your existing systems. After delivery, you can immediately start selling your configurable products online. For an exact price quote, we need more insight into your expectations and requirements. Have a non-committal conversation with one of our project consultants about this. Schedule a call

Is your question not listed?


No question is too difficult for our project consultants. Let's schedule a call soon, and you'll get answers to all your questions about our 3D product configurator. Schedule a call.


Ready for a change? Find out with our Quickscan!

See instantly if your made-to-order business and our platform are a perfect match.

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