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Yuna Player

Retrieve real-time quotations for configurable products

Achieve more in a day or enjoy extra free time with the Yuna player.


Yuna player, the ultimate tool for ecommerce showrooms

Did you know that the Yuna Player can create a virtual showroom for your products? Customers can customize products to their liking via their own device.

Reduce showroom time and increase customer satisfaction
A revolutionary tool that lets you configure products in your showroom with ease and speed. You can customize the products according to your customers' preferences and show them the results in real time.
Steal the show at fairs and events
Yuna Player allows you to attract more customers at fairs and events by letting them scan a QR code and access a site where they can customize the products themselves from their own device. They can see how the products look and work with different features and options, giving them a unique and engaging experience.
Explore the wonders of data
Users can scan a QR code on fairs and customize products to their preferences. This action allows you to connect again with the user, by sending them personalized banners based on their choices, increasing your conversion rate and brand loyalty.
Smoothening of sales process
Yuna Player makes the sales process faster and smoother by generating and sending a quotation to your customers' email as soon as they finalize their product configuration. Yuna Player is the ultimate solution for your product configuration and sales needs.