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Create your online success with oneCORE

Our e-commerce platform is your digital canvas. OneCORE provides everything you need to start a webshop or ticket shop. Selling complex configurable products, offering white label tickets or managing a queue on-site? All made possible with oneCORE.

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Discover oneCORE: Quick to implement, flexible and globally-connected support. Our platform supports you in shaping your business.

  • Kant-en-klare modules

    Save time and effort by using oneCORE’s prebuilt modules.

  • Personaliseren

    OneCORE is customizable and flexible in realizing dynamic solutions.

  • Unique challenges

    Colengo is eager to help you find a solution for your unique challenge.

A core built for everyone

A core built for everyone

OneCORE is a multi-purpose e-commerce platform that amplifies the success of a wide range of entrepreneurs.

  • CD&V Maasmechelen

    Reserved seating

  • International Taptoe België

    Reserved seating

  • Truckparking Venray

    Admission/Gate tickets

  • NTR - College tour

    Admission tickets

  • Heartfeldt pool party by Sam Feldt

    Admission tickets

  • The Dutch Lions

    Reserved seating

  • Floor 17 -  Leonardo Hotel Amsterdam Rembrandtpark

    Admission tickets

  • Hello Fresh

    Admission tickets

  • Blue circle - Met de deur in huis

    Admission tickets

  • Amsterdam Nightlife

    Ticket platform

  • Livekaarten

    Digital products

  • Coenen concept

    Configurable (3D) products

  • Metaalshopper

    Configurable (3D) products

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Case studies

Explore stories from entrepreneurs who relied on oneCORE to build their business and became successful.

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From backyard shed start-up to multi-million-euro enterprise by using oneCORE to sell configurable products.

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Colengo is dedicated to the development of an industry-defining core that supports the success of our partner platforms.



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