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Connect oneCORE to Google Shopping

Google Shopping is part of Google's search results. With Google Shopping, consumers can search for products, product information and compare prices from different suppliers. The products shown in the search results are powered by an e-commerce system, such as oneCORE. To deliver the optimal data to Google Shopping, every oneCORE tenant has a number of smart applications.

Real-time product feeds

First, oneCORE is one of the few e-commerce systems to have real-time product feeds. Product feed has been developed to ensure Google does not have to visit all pages of every online store for every search query to check products and prices. With a product feed, all articles of a webshop are placed in one file and allows Google to offer the information in a structured way. Simply put, a product feed is a file (txt or xml) with a list of all articles from a webshop. Many webshop systems generate these feeds every hour or even once every 24 hours. The disadvantage is that the stock positions or product prices do not correspond to the real prices in the webshop. An additional disadvantage is that Google can disapprove ads for this discrepancy. To prevent this from happening, the product feeds in oneCORE are always real-time. This means that when Google views the product feed of a oneCORE tenant, the overview of the products and prices are always fully up-to-date.

Google Shopping API

Second, oneCORE has an API connection with Google Shopping. This connection is especially useful for oneCORE tenants with a large product range and / or fluctuating prices. For example, the prices of digital products can change every minute. With oneCORE it is possible to set a margin for each individual version. If the purchase price changes, the sales price also changes automatically. These and other smart pricing modules are detailed in the oneCORE price management blog. In order to keep the changing prices up to date on Google Shopping, without having a completely new product feed obtained by Google every minute, oneCORE will only sent an update of the products for which the price or stock has changed. This is easily done through the Google Shopping API.

In addition, Google also performs checks to see if the price on the product page matches the price passed through the feed. By communicating the adjusted prices directly to Google, it is ensured that the product range is always correct. This significantly reduces the possibility that Google disapproves ads.

Want to know more about oneCORE’s possibilities for your e-commerce platform? Feel free to contact us. Our team is always on standby to answer your questions.