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Promotions and discount campaigns in oneCORE

Increase your sales with the very flexible discount and promotion functionalities in oneCORE. For example, offer free shipping, free extras, or special promotions. With oneCORE it is possible to create different types of discounts, which are displayed in a clear calendar overview. Such an overview is easy to share via social media or via one of the integrated newsletter systems. The discounts in oneCORE can be created via campaigns, we distinguish two types: discount campaigns and limited campaigns.

Discount campaigns

Use this innovative feature to schedule discounts and promotions. A new campaign can be created through a clear calendar view. The products for which the campaign should be activated, can be selected in the campaign. Next should be indicated whether the discount should be implemented in euros or as a percentage. Finally decide if the promotion is one-off or if it will be repeated periodically. OneCORE also offers the option to set whether the discount codes are valid once or whether they can be used multiple times. When a campaign is active, it is possible to download an Excel file that indicates which orders have used which campaigns discount codes.

Limited campaigns

Limited campaigns work the same way as discount campaigns. When a new campaign has been created via the calendar view, it can be linked to the desired product execution. For this type of campaign, voucher codes are created. Vouchers give the possibility to provide access to select editions, as soon as a customer enters a voucher code, only the linked product editions will appear. 

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of oneCORE for your e-commerce platform? Don't hesitate to contact us. Our team is always ready to answer your questions.