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1.In which industry and/or product category are you?
2.Do you produce the products in-house?
Or do you produce made-to-order products?
3.Is your (potential) turnover higher or lower than €1,000,000 in 1 year?

OneCORE: the (3D) e-commerce platform for manufacturing companies

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We already work for a competitor

We want to avoid possible conflicts of interest and maintain the positive cooperation with our current clients. That is why we have chosen to work with only one company per product category.



We only work with companies that manage production in-house, because our technical solution is designed for this. Our oneCORE system also helps to streamline and optimize production processes. Also, it would be a waste if you have to pay a lot for functionalities that you won’t be using.


Unfortunately, it probably isn't a match.

We will be honest: our solution is a substantial investment. The price starts at approximately €20,000 euros, excluding licensing fees, for an e-commerce website or sales portal with a 3D product configurator.