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We are eager to learn more about your company!

That's why we have a few quick questions.


1.Do you sell configurable products?
2.Do you sell to consumers or businesses?
3.Which process would you like to improve with our platform?


oneCORE: the (3D) e-commerce platform for manufacturing companies

"At Colengo, we value personal approach and growth opportunities. Do you share our vision? Determine with this quick scan, if there's still space for your company with us."

Unfortunately! We already work for a competitor.

We would like to avoid possible conflicts of interest and maintain the positive cooperation with our current clients. That is why we have chosen to work with only one company per product category.



We only work with companies that have configurable products because our technical solution is specifically designed for that. Our oneCORE system also helps streamline and optimize production processes, so paying a substantial amount for features you won't utilize would be inefficient.


That sounds good!

It seems that we can be of assistance to each other. We would like to have a brief online meeting with you to get to know each other better. Please book a time slot in the calendar below.

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